In the cold winter months, We understand that it is tempting to sit inside with little activity but this is a perfect opportunity to exercise. Here is 10 things to do this winter.

1. Shovel some sidewalks and driveways. Just be careful not to over do it or you could have health problems in your near future. Also be prepared by bundling up and keeping dry and warm.

2. Make a habit to walk indoors in the mall or at the gym.

3. Stretch at home by the fireplace or standing over a heating vent. The warmth feels so good.

4. Go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. It also makes for a great date night, but only if you don’t plan to do all of them in one night.

5. Use a step counter and see how far you walk each day. It maybe less steps in the winter due to slipping on the ice. Maybe we could invent a fall counter instead and count how many times we fall down too.

6. Build a snowman. Great fun, if you don’t have any kids just borrow some so that it looks like you are doing it for them.

7. Have a snowball fight, just don’t get hit in the face.

8. Take your dog for a walk. Fluffy will love it too.

9. Clean your house. Not every exercise is fun and games.

10. Go say “HI” to the staff at WhenEver Fitness, and while you are there you might as well work out too.

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