The 2 different series will be only shown for a limited time, so make sure you try it out while we have them available.

CORE MAX: The first series is the Core Max series that will focus on the core muscles in a series of 3 different workouts. This series will be starting Monday July 18th. These workouts are designed to stabilize your core muscles with maximum results. This will isolate the lower while adding on other muscle exercises. It uses body weight and other different equipment such as a medicine ball and swiss ball (stability ball) through the program.  20 Minutes per class in the series.

Longevity Series: This is a series of 4 workouts. Each workout is designed to build on each other and yet it works good alone as well. Some of the exercises are more advanced, but the majority is something that you can do if you are just starting out and rest during the harder ones.This is designed as a metabolic boosting cardio conditioning workout. This is a medium to high intensity workout to keep your heart pumping while sculpting your body. This series will start on July 7th and part one will repeat on July 12th. Class is 50+ minutes.

On top of these new series we also have several different classes that are also new like: Pilates Unleashed, Arms & Abs, Figure 30: Hips and my personal favorite new one is a 15 minute Extended Stretch (which is is great for before or after a workout).

See you in the classes this month.

All classes are free for Your Choice Plus, WhenEver, Elite and WhenEver Summer Members.

Your Choice members the cost is only $3.