Facing the problem of constant stress? The problem of chronic stress that can be extremely dangerous to you and your body. If one part of the body is not healthy other parts of your body might get affected by it too. There are so many people out there who are facing the problems of a failed or unhappy relationships, lack of friends, being unemployed, looking for a job, searching for success in life, and so forth. These people can suffer from the major problem that is affecting our society “chronic stress”. This type of stress can cause many different issues of sleeping, mood, anxiety, depression, appetite problems, heart diseases and yes even trauma.

Some people are still unaware of how the chronic stress targets the heart!

Some doctors have reported that people come to their clinic suffering from heart pains and minor heart attacks. Yet, they still don’t know what the main cause of their heart problem was? Sometimes, the chronic stress cannot be identified unless it reaches its peak where the heart condition gets worse. The heart can be affected in subtle ways because of stress. When under stress some people stop healthy food and eat unhealthy food that may provoke many other problems rather than help the situation.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Chronic Stress

You can reduce chronic stress and improve your health and fitness in no time. Of course, no one has a magic pill that you can take and have everything disappear. However, by following basic principles, you may reduce issues that you may be having.

1. Sleep

Who doesn’t love to sleep? But when you suffer from stress this often affects your sleep as well. So, it is recommended that one must pay attention to rest as much as possible, resting an average of 7-9 hours each day. Sleep hormones relax the mind and the body during the time we are sleeping. So, what could be easier than to sleep to overcome your problems right?
Having trouble sleeping because of your stress? Go to your doctor and tell him you’re about your sleeping disorder, he may advise you to eat healthy foods, drink water and perhaps take some medicine to aid your sleep.

2. Exercise

One thing that one must keep in mind, sometimes when a person doesn’t leave the bed or a place.  They might be at the beginning of a depression or a stress. What can you do now? Stress can often be relieved by doing exercise daily. You don’t need to do a heavy workout, you can do anything from walking, running, dancing or jumping. You could even download our FREE WhenEver Fitness On Demand App and get some exercise ideas!

3. Meditation

Meditation is a mind and body, a calming process. Research says that during meditation the mind escapes from the tensions and negative thinking. In order to meditate properly, a person needs to be free from distractions, alone with his thoughts. What should you meditate on? Do not be devoid of thought or focus on negative things as this can be counterproductive. Rather a kind of deep, concentrated thinking in which a person reflects on positive past experiences, ponders over current matters or contemplates possible future events. You may feel totally new and energetic after pondering on positive things. It is also a great thing for the people who suffer from high or low blood pressure.

4. Eat and Drink Healthy

When a person is suffering from the chronic stress they might start eating unhealthy foods, drinking alcohol, or attempt to self-medicate with the use of drugs. You obviously won’t get healthy by doing these things. We are what we eat, so eat the way that will make your healthy. Wake up early in the morning and start your day with a heavy healthy breakfast that is balanced.
Get ready to make yourself some delicious lunch and dinner of your choice. Make something new for you and your family. Even make a modestly sized dessert or buy yourself a chocolate cake because chocolate consists of ingredient that calms the stress and makes you feel happy. Plus it is chocolate, do we really need a reason?

5. Sit In A Nature Park

Did you know that you can feel relaxed by being near nature? It can make our body and mind feel refreshed and lively. So, why not try this simple remedy for improving your stress issues. Rise up early in the morning and sit near some plants. Do you have an arboretum or garden near you? Schedule some time out of your hectic routine and spend some time with nature. You can either sit by keeping your feet in the grass or walk barefoot that will help you in reducing your chronic stress by keeping you active and feel healthy and positive. It has been said that there is no better healer than nature itself. So, why don’t try this simple remedy for healing your mind and body? It’s not only for those who are suffering from this disease but also for those who have a hectic routine.


Written by: Robert Blair; Staff Writer

ROBERT BLAIR is the Operational Manager of WhenEver Fitness, editor of fitness-news, has been in the fitness industry since 2010, and is a certified personal trainer. He attended the UW-Superior and Brown College for Media Creation, Design and Television Production. From 1992 to 2000, he had written and produced several films, music videos, and video advertisements. He has now been able to combine those skills of fitness and media creation to produce high-quality fitness productions and articles. (Click for Bio/Contact)

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