(1) Make it easy to exercise – Have everything you need ready for every workout. Know the workout you’ll do, how long it will take.

(2) Find something you like – Try to find something good about it the workout you are going to be doing. Everything feels hard at first, but it gets easier if you keep going and then you make like it more.

(3) Get good at something – It feels good to master something, so why not master aerobics or power lifting? When you focus on doing something well, you forget about the fact that you’re exercising.

(4) Be flexible – Every day is different and your workouts should be as well.

(5) Reward yourself – Reward yourself for every workout you do, no matter how small. Time to listen to music or read a book. Time to soak in a hot tub or browsing a bookstore. Every month, plan bigger rewards like a massage or a night out.

(6) Get some help – Don’t know what you’re doing? Sign up with our personal trainers, they have been trained to get you to your goals.

(7) Just keep going – A big part of exercise is simply getting in the habit of exercising every day.