A study which compiled data relating to over 25 million children, during the period from 1964 until 2010, concluded: The level of physical fitness of children and young people has clearly decreased. Schools cancel sport lessons, and free time offers few opportunities to take exercise. The study is alarming, as sports scientists maintain that doing sport when you are young is essential for children’s positive and healthy development. The study also mentions setting aside time period without electronic devices, tv, games, etc right after school or homework. Why? When given the chance to look at visual stimuli many children will jump at the chance and spend a large amount of time doing that verse spending time moving around and exercising. The children that do this also tend to have more restless sleeping patterns according to the study.

WhenEver Fitness NEW Kids Zone

What makes a great exercise plan for your children? The study mentions that the more enjoyable the fitness experience the more likely they will continue. Sounds familiar? It is something that we also agree with and offer great fun options for your children at the New Kid’s Zone area at WhenEver Fitness. With a Bounce House, Treadmills, Bikes and more. This area is supervised and well maintained. With summer right around the corner, you can drop your kids off and hang out in the Lounge Area or Workout in the gym! It is the best of both worlds, you can get a workout and so can your kids!!