Snacking can be a big problem when we are trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or improve our overall health. Do you ever find yourself reaching for a snack or find yourself looking through the kitchen without even being completely aware of it? Apparently snacking just comes naturally!!

We LOVE to snack! Numbers show that more people will skip a meal during the day and snack instead. Eating fruit as a snack can fulfill that desire to eat something, is better for our health then most other common snacks, and can also be a great time for our bodies to be having it. I’m sure your thinking… “Fruit?? yea right.. like this article would actually get me to eat fruit as a snack more often!” But don’t disappear yet! Hang in there… keep reading!!

First let’s go through some fun and important facts! Some fruits contain vitamin C and have antioxidants in them that are good for fighting free radicals that can cause cancer (guava, oranges, lemon, etc). Fruits are low in calories, low in fat content, can provide instant energy, are 90-95% water (which can help eliminate toxins and various wastes from the body), low in sodium and high in potassium (great for people with heart disease or high blood pressure), and the skin of fruits can contain a good source of fiber.

Also, fruit is the ideal food for exercise. The best post workout snack or meal is not muffins, yogurt, or protein shakes, but fresh fruit. Runners and other athletes have long known that there is nothing better than high-water content, sweet fruit, such as oranges or melons, after a workout. They contain enough water to hydrate the body and their natural sugars are quickly utilized for energy production. Isn’t that great!?! Also, Regular physical activity improves insulin sensitivity, which is the effectiveness of insulin in transporting sugar to your cells. In other words, if you exercise, you’ll be able to utilize fruit sugar a lot better and will be less likely to experience ‘sugar swings’ and blood sugar fluctuations.

Ok ok… so maybe you’re not a huge fan of fruit? Maybe you just aren’t in the mood for fruit when you’re hungry for a snack. It’s true that fruit is one of the food groups that commonly gets left out of a diet. However, a great way to eat more fruit is to make fresh fruit smoothies. Smoothies don’t need to be complicated to be tasty. Try blending bananas with water and have that as a smoothie. When you make that smoothie, you can blend a few bananas with about 1 cup of water and drink it after your exercise session. Also try blending mangoes with other fruits. For example, mango blended with papaya or peaches is amazingly delicious. Frozen bananas go pretty well in all sorts of fruit smoothies. Try, for example, blending a few frozen bananas with a little water and some fresh berries. You’ll be amazed by the taste!

Fresh fruit + more exercise + less grains and refined foods = better health and energy

So, next time you feel the need to snack, find yourself looking around the kitchen for something to eat, or are trying to decide on a perfect post-workout treat, grab some fruit. It’s a nice way to satisfy that snaking desire with low fat, low calories, water, and a great energy boost. Put less energy into searching the whole kitchen for a snack and put more energy into your body with some tasty FRUIT!