Though grapes taste so sugary-sweet, they are classified as a low glycemic index food, and studies link grapes to improved blood sugar balance, insulin regulation, and insulin sensitivity. Grapes are packed with health-supportive nutrients including manganese, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium, as well as countless antioxidant phytonutrients. The growing area of grape research includes their benefits on the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, blood sugar regulating system, nervous system, etc.

What you need?
28 grapes (about 1 scant cup)

What to do?
1. Rinse the grapes thoroughly
2. Shake to be somewhat dry, it doesn’t need to be perfectly dry.
3. Put into a sealed plastic bag
4. Put into freezer for no less than 2 hours or until it freezes.
5. Open the bag and enjoy.