WhenEver Fitness is a 24 Hour Access Facility so that you can access the club according to your schedule, choose a time frame access or 24 hour access your choice.

You can choose from: Your Choice – 5 Hour Access with specific time frames, Your Choice Plus – 15 Hour Access, WhenEver & Elite- 24 Hour Access with Month to Month or Yearly agreements for any of the programs.

A Membership at WhenEver Fitness allows you to have some of the best equipment when you need it. We keep our equipment spaced and checked with safety in mind.

Cardiovascular (Cardio) equipment include machines such as running treadmill machines, ellipticals, stair steppers, sit up and recumbent bikes. This variety that we offer keeps your muscles challenged so that you are able to build the endurance that you desire. When using a Cardio machine, always warm up and cool down by using the programmable levels.

Strength equipment allows the user to build mass, become stronger and have better definition. Strength exercises we can break into 2 sections Strength Machines and Free Weights. Most strength machines are designed to be used without the need of a spotter. These machine are for people to lift small to medium amounts of weight. Members that have less experience should use the strength machines before trying free weights. We have enough strength machines so that you can work out nearly every muscle in your body.

Free Weights and Dumbells are best used by more experienced members and with the use of a spotter. Free Weights are designed for lifting medium to heavy weights. As you become more fit, you will see the need to transfer to the free weights to reach certain goals. We have a full set of weights and a full set of dumbells.

Group Classes are another way that we are different. The digital enhanced classes allow you to get the best instruction available while being in a group environment.

Contact us at (651) 294-7777 or stop by the club to Join

Memberships start at: $14.95 per month*
*Stop in for more details.

Staffed: Monday – Friday 12-6 & Sat 10-3

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