Personal Training provides you with the expertise, support, motivation, and accountability that you need to achieve your fitness goals. While some in the field provide “tough love” motivation, our personal trainers work with clients in a non-threatening way, helping them to achieve specific fitness goals.

Goal Achievement – A personal trainer helps you define your fitness goals. She takes into account your current fitness level and discusses what you want to achieve through your workouts. While you may have some idea of the goals you want to set, a professional is able to help you break them down into smaller goals that are specific and realistic. The personal trainer also helps assess your progress toward those goals. Of course, results will vary depending on your existing condition and how much effort you put into the workout.

Personalized Workout – Personal trainers create a specific workout plan just for you based on what you want to achieve. The personalized plan typically gives you better results than a general workout plan. Because we know your physical condition and medical background, we are able to make accommodations to the program to fit your needs, unlike the free workout schedules that we provide online.

Instruction – A professional trainer teaches you the proper way to perform each exercise movement in your routine. She often demonstrates the movement and watches you perform it so she can correct any issues with your posture or technique. Learning how to perform exercises properly reduces your risk of injury and makes the work you are doing more effective.

Motivation – Motivation is often difficult to maintain when you exercise on your own. Regular sessions with a personal trainer enhance your motivation to continue with a workout regimen. Even if you don’t use a personal trainer for every session, knowing that you’ll meet with your trainer soon will motivate you during workouts. You also get the satisfaction of showing your trainer the improvement you’ve made as your exercise program proceeds.

Accountability – Another common problem is lack of commitment to a regular exercise program. When you exercise on your own, it is easier to skip a session here and there or fall off the wagon completely since there’s no one to hold you accountable for you actions. When you work with a trainer, he keeps you accountable, making it more likely that you’ll stick with your training program.

Efficiency – A professional personal trainer is able to make the most of your workout time, which increases the efficiency of your exercise program. This is especially beneficial when you have a limited amount of time to exercise.

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