At WhenEver Fitness, we know that summers are short and not everyone has time in their busy lives to relax in the warm sun to get that perfect tan for their special occasion or vacation. We have for your convenience a private and spacious tanning room outfitted with an upright Tanning booth and changing area to provide a tan with a controlled UVB treatment.

Tanning is a natural process of the human body, producing the melanin pigmentation (what darkens your skin) that can actually be used to prevent some sun burning and encourages the generation of natural vitamin D.

Sessions last for a maximum of 15 minutes.

The Tanning booth is outfitted with a cooling system to make your tanning experience more comfortable and are mounted with speakers so you can enjoy music while in your session. Tanning is on a first come first serve basis and only when the facility is staffed. No one under 18 is allowed to do indoor tanning under current laws. We have tanning lotions for sale that are specifically designed to work with our indoor tanning system, you can increase the intensity and deepen your color much faster.

Both Members and Non-Members may purchase tanning and some fitness packages include tanning.