Almost 80% of the US population suffer from back pain. Although back related pain may emerge suddenly, often it is caused by a problem which has plagued us for a long time. Sometimes what causes this pain is strained muscles, pinched nerves or a heap of other reasons. While rest does help in some isolated cases of back pain, more often it is better if one carries on with normal activities while taking some measures for relieving the pain. Depending on the severity of the issue you should consult a doctor. Some known methods in dealing with back pain include chiropractic, massage, posture adjustment, exercise and medical prescriptions.

Fitness Remedies: Knowing the problem is half the answer when it comes to back pain. The incidence or the severity of the pain can be reduced by finding out the exact reason for the pain, eliminating or modifying the factors/situations causing pain and trying to find the best possible remedy. A poor posture or manual activities such as lifting, bending, and twisting can result in back-related pain. If the pain is caused by poor posture you can often readjust your posture by posture adjustment exercises. What often helps is stretching your back properly, here are 2 methods you can use.

Back Flexion Exercise: While lying on one’s back, pull both knees to the chest while simultaneously flexing the head forward until a comfortable stretch is felt in a balled-up position.

Knee to Chest Stretch: While lying on the back with the knees bent and both heels on the floor, place both hands behind one knee and bring it to the chest.

Strengthening your muscles may reduce the strain as well. But caution should be used with any fitness program especially when you are dealing with a part of the body that is already strained, talk to a professional to know how much you can do, before attempting any program of exercise. When you have a strained part of the body use less weight and do it for a moderate amount of time, focus on the core and then the back.


Written by: Robert Blair; Staff Writer

ROBERT BLAIR is the Operational Manager of WhenEver Fitness, editor of fitness-news, has been in the fitness industry since 2010, and is a certified personal trainer. He attended the UW-Superior and Brown College for Media Creation, Design and Television Production. From 1992 to 2000, he had written and produced several films, music videos, and video advertisements. He has now been able to combine those skills of fitness and media creation to produce high-quality fitness productions and articles. (Click for Bio/Contact)

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