One of the best ways to build your biceps is with heavy barbell curls. But most people are curling in a less effective way for growing your biceps and also setting you up for a potential injury.

How to do a curl the best way

When doing a curl, what are you doing with your wrists? You see when most guys curl, they end up flexing their wrist and forearm at the same time, using everything they can to muster the weight up. That can be a problem.

1) Wrist Stress – Your wrists are not built or designed to lift heavy loads in this flexed position; the added stress and load placed directly on the wrist can quickly lead to pain and/or injury in the wrists and forearms.

2) Biceps Tension – By flexing your wrist, you are directly removing tension from the biceps and shifting it onto the wrists and forearms instead.

What should I do?

Focus on next time you perform biceps curls, is maintaining a neutral wrist position, or slightly extending whenever you curl. This will keep the most tension possible on your biceps and remove the stress from your wrists and forearms. This simple trick will benefit you in many ways as you avoid recruiting other muscles to help move the weight easier. Next time focus on squeezing the weight up with only the biceps.

Try it out you will notice the difference.


Written by: Robert Blair; Staff Writer

ROBERT BLAIR is the Operational Manager of WhenEver Fitness, editor of fitness-news, has been in the fitness industry since 2010, and is a certified personal trainer. He attended the UW-Superior and Brown College for Media Creation, Design and Television Production. From 1992 to 2000, he had written and produced several films, music videos, and video advertisements. He has now been able to combine those skills of fitness and media creation to produce high-quality fitness productions and articles. (Click for Bio/Contact)

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