7 Tips For Setting Up a Fitness Environment that Motivates You.

Motivation is just one part of exercise and it’s probably the one thing so many struggle with when they are just getting started. Rather than letting that motivation fade away, think about what it is you really want for yourself beyond weight loss and looking good. People who exercise look for reasons to do it because they know it makes life better. Think about what would me your life better and you’ll find the motivation to keep moving.

What is the best time to workout?

We often get asked when is the best time to workout? The answer can vary depending on your situation. I always recommend to find a time that you will stick with first, some love the early-morning others it is the late nite because of the schedule or how you feel at that time of day.

Office workouts

A little bit of exercise in a day of work can add a smile on your face, plus it makes the day go so much faster. First a warning, some of these may at first make you look foolish and you may be made fun of, but they will normally join you in the fun after a bit of poking.