“Embrace the suck,” is a phrase, which began in the military as slang, when loosely translated, means, “The situation is really, really, really bad, but deal with it anyway.” However, the idea behind that slang that may be used for challenges you may deal with every day.

Lets be real… We all want that perfect consistent schedule in life. No interruptions, no random curve balls thrown at us, stress-free happy lives. Reality is though, that every single person will deal with some sort of change on a daily basis. For example, there are four seasons, Fall, Spring, Summer and of course our favorite…Winter. If your anything like me the longer and darker days make it more difficult to get out of the house. Making it difficult to commit to a consistent schedule at the gym. Basically, Winters can suck. Very few people like dark cold winters, except those living in a place like Alaska and I am not one of them.

Winter Fitness Couple

So how can we embrace the suck during the Winter?

It’s frustrating especially when we want to commit to a consistent healthy schedule in our daily work out routine. That is one reason why many people falter and never actually get anywhere in their fitness journey.

Here are 3 tactics to embrace the suck

1) “This too shall pass!”
Everything bad or good will eventually end and you can start fresh once again. Remember at different times that you thought that you could never do it and then you looked back and it was done. You did it in the past and you will again, and again. Because you can do anything you set your mind to do.

Perhaps you are you familiar with this quote:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

So then what you think could become reality.

2) Make a conscious decision to stay focused, flexible and open-minded. As these things are a huge factor when it comes to progressive change after all being healthy is not a temporary solution. Just because things are always changing does not mean that you stop taking care of yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. If your glass is half empty, then how do you expect to pour out a full glass of refreshing water? Fill yourself up first.

Running in winter

3) Create a Support System. Find a friend or someone who enjoys working out, learning new things, loves healthy food and is willing to help you stay on course. Were you aware that when the first gyms opened in the 60’s there 1 of two reasons was specifically for social interactions? Assistant professor C. Nathan DeWall at the University of Kentucky, tells WebMD that “People have a fundamental need for positive and lasting relationships”

Yes, Winter can suck when it comes to getting outside, but follow these tatics and you may find it will get a little easier to get out to the gym and “Embrace the Suck”

Written by: Adriana Copeland; Staff Writer

ADRIANA COPELAND is a fitness professional with WhenEver Fitness and has been in the fitness industry for some time. She continues to study and advance her knowledge of fitness and exercise science. She has been able to overcome many challenges including being overweight, losing 70 lbs and going through a knee surgery. With a hard edge and soft heart, she offers readers a unique perspective of knowing many of the things that they are going through.

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