Even if you have a personal trainer or a mentor to help and guide you in achieving your fitness goal, there are still moments when you are left on your own. In fact, most of the responsibility is on you. So, it is important to ask yourself this simple, straightforward yet thought-provoking question Will I achieve my fitness goal?

“I Think I Can” Achieve My Fitness Goal

Recall the words from the book the little train that could.. “I think I can.. I know I can” These are as important to success for an adult as it is to a child. This “can do” attitude is a basic psychology that has been successful for many. This psychology is based on your belief that you have the ability to succeed in performing a task and producing a result, which is related towards fulfilling your desired goals and the funny thing is that it oftentimes works. We are not talking about the book “Secret”, but in fitness thinking that you will be successful will often produce those results. A recent study points out that this attitude “could foster persistence when one is aware of one’s current state of performance.”

Thinking that you can do something should not be based without something concrete under it. The best way of believing that you will be successful is that you have seen some success and thus you have a basis for believing in success.

5 Building Blocks For Success

(1) Make an outside commitment. This is not an internal “I’m going to do it” This is putting your money where your mind is, such as buying into a year gym membership, personal training package, new piece of fitness equipment, workout clothing, etc. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money but put something into it and that will help you. Schedule a specific time to do the workouts. Do not allow anything to change that. It is even better if you can make a commitment with a friend to do this together.

(2) Reward yourself EACH TIME you go to the gym. Just getting to the gym is worth rewarding yourself. What do I mean by a reward? Food should not be the reward. Most of us love to read books, watch movies or a television series. If that is the case for you. Make it your personal rule that you can only watch a specific television show if you had been to the gym that day. The television program that you love now becomes the reward. It is best to select a specific item that you LOVE. If it is a book, you can only read it if you do XYZ. This is not a punishment, but rather a reward for your success. When you go to the gym, that is a success! The reward reminds us that we have been successful for that day. That reward in turn creates a “can do” attitude and makes us want to go again.

(3) Post all accomplishments on social media. Sharing your small accomplishments will allow others to encourage you. In addition, you can refer back to them at a future time when you need a boost. We all have times that we need that boost. When we start at the gym we may be lifting a small weight at the beginning and you have now increased by 5 lbs. Share the success: I lifted 5lbs more than last week, I achieve my goal this week, I have been at the gym 3 times this week, I tried a new machine today, I spent 20 minutes at the gym today, etc. If you do not want friends to know about your success, create a special fitness page where you share your success, you don’t have to show your face or anything else if you don’t want.. but post something to others anyways, It will help you to get the encouragement you need and that will help that can do attitude. Soon enough you will find yourself more confident and ready to lift the weights that you have been dreaming about.

(4) Visualize your success. Our minds are amazing, dreaming and visualizing is one of the most proven psychological skills utilized by professional athletes to help pump up their motivation and helping them to produce the results they want. Imagine yourself reaching your goal, be specific as possible, imagine the results and what it does for you. Imagine what feelings that you will have to go to that special event in the future with your goal achieved. It must be real in your mind before it can happen on the outside.

(5) Reject negative thinking. When you workout it is inevitable that you will experience down moments, such as recovery time for sore muscles. Every time negative thoughts pop up, acknowledge it and whenever possible, replace the negative thoughts with something positive realizing it is part of the journey.

When you allow your mind to influence your performance by staying positive and maintaining a good mood can also help in achieving your fitness goal.


Written by: Robert Blair; Staff Writer

ROBERT BLAIR is the Operational Manager of WhenEver Fitness, editor of fitness-news, has been in the fitness industry since 2010, and is a certified personal trainer. He attended the UW-Superior and Brown College for Media Creation, Design and Television Production. From 1992 to 2000, he had written and produced several films, music videos, and video advertisements. He has now been able to combine those skills of fitness and media creation to produce high-quality fitness productions and articles. (Click for Bio/Contact)

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