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WhenEver Fitness On Demand App allows users to access exercise workouts to learn the proper methods of different exercises and workout plans for FREE! This app will work on iOS and Android. This is great for people that desire to get into fitness but have found it a challenge to get to the gym.  WhenEver Fitness On Demand is unique in that it provides easy to follow workouts, fitness tools and personal training on demand.

Get ready to change your life for the better. This easy to use app is your personal trainer on demand.  It is a complete easy to use system of free innovative workouts, tools, fresh content, motivation, and other features designed improve your body head to toe.

Main Screen of WhenEver Fitness On Demand WhenEver Fitness Main Screen

Workout Categories

Full of easy to follow workouts that are all FREE. Categories include: Get Lean, Build Muscle, Wellness and Be Athletic. Each of these categories includes several different workouts that you can try.

Get Lean focuses on creating lean muscles and a trim body.

Build Muscle focuses on gaining muscle mass by challenging you. It also focuses on different body parts so that you can isolate the area of the body you would like to improve.

Wellness may increase flexibility and your overall wellness while making you feel good from the inside out.

Be Athletic has several different categories to help you prepare for the next game or event.

Workouts On Demand Free Workouts with WhenEver Fitness On Demand

Motivation & Fitness On Demand Tools

The FREE fitness tools help the users with a built-in BMI, Vo2, Max Lift, and Interval Timer. Other motivation tools include our feeds to motivate you to keep you moving and improving!

Whats Up at WhenEver Fitness On DemandFree Fitness Tools on WhenEver Fitness On Demand

Personal Training On Demand

This is the most exciting feature. Personal training on demand allows a user to follow a specially designed training course throughout the year. The personal training on demand is broken into 4 goals depending on your needs:

  • Get Lean
  • Build Muscle
  • Wellness
  • Ultra Low Impact

Personal Training On Demand

You may notice that the goals are much like the categories in the workouts with 3 main goals and one specialty goal.

Get Lean to trim your body.

Build Muscle to gain muscle mass.

Wellness to increase flexibility and your overall wellness.

For most clients, we recommend doing all three categories to create a balanced workout. Each session will focus on one specific body part or a complete body workout. Depending on your ability you should repeat the workouts.

Beginner – Do the workout 1 time.

Intermediate – Do the workout 2 times with a 3-minute rest in between.

Advanced – Do the workouts 3-4 times with a 3-minute rest in between.

Make sure to catch the encouragement videos that are released each week, these will help you stay on track. The encouragement videos are also presented by our personal trainers.

Ultra Low Impact is personal training for ones that have health conditions that may prevent one from working out in a traditional fashion. These workouts are often done from a seated position to help ones that have back or knee issues. Do not think it is an easy workout, these workouts will increase your strength and have you sweating.

New Personal Training On Demand videos and motivation videos are added each week keeping you challenged, motivated and constantly transforming your body.

26-week Nutrition Guide

Our Nutrition Guide is in connection with our personal training on demand. It provides you with a daily meal and shopping list for 26 weeks and 4 different calorie categories as well as recipes to get you eating well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the WhenEver Fitness On Demand App?

Android Link (Google Play Store): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bf.app30f0b8&hl=en

Who is WhenEver Fitness On Demand App designed for?

This app is for men and women of all ages, goals and fitness levels from Beginner to Advanced. You will notice how different our app is once you have it in your hands because it is really easy to use and provides you with a great instruction that you can do at any level. The workouts are simple but effective as a result this app has the best and easiest user experience.

How is personal training on demand different?

Our personal trainers develop different programs based on specific goals such as wellness, gaining muscle and weight-loss. These may be live or prerecorded so you can view them WhenEver you want. These personal training on-demand sessions are designed to build on the next session and show you what & how to do a specific workout. We will also give you access to a 26-week nutrition guide with a shopping list to help educate you on what a well-balanced diet program would look like.

How can I access the personal training on demand?

Once you have signed up for personal training on demand we will be able to give you access to the sections for personal training on demand.

Does the App need the internet to work?

For many of the features to work effectively the internet is needed.

Will the App stay the same?

We expect more features and different workouts to make your experience enhanced.

How can I access my personal membership details?

We do not have that feature available at this time.

What if I have issues with the App?

If this occurs, it may be a few different things causing the problem, often it is caused by blocking push notifications. Make sure that the push notifications are on. Try to reboot your device. If that doesn’t work then uninstall the App followed by re-installing the App. In most cases, this will resolve the issue. If the issue continues contact us through the form below.

What costs are connected to the App?

This app is free to download, free workouts, free fitness tools, free fitness news and more free items without ads. The personal training on demand section is a subscription based system, see the costs once the app is downloaded. The personal training on demand has new videos live or recorded each week, it includes a section for personal notes and a 26-week nutrition guide with a shopping list.

What are the ratings for this App?

We have had this app rated for most countries through IARC. In the USA it is Rated E, Which is for everyone!


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