In the lower part of the image you can see the LED and the Top is the T8 bulbs.

This year we decided to make a substantial investment in our lighting system. These new lights allow us to have a brighter visual that refreshes the area, but more importantly it has a huge impact on the environment. In just the first year we were able to calculate a savings of over 27,000 lbs of coal and a reduction of carbon emissions from energy production that would normally be used with our other lighting system. We started earlier this year with the replacement of the hallway and office lights. The main part of the gym was replaced just this week which represents the largest use of energy in the gym.

We are doing our part to have a healthier future for all of us.


Written by: Robert Blair; Staff Writer

ROBERT BLAIR is the Operational Manager of WhenEver Fitness, editor of fitness-news, has been in the fitness industry since 2010, and is a certified personal trainer. He attended the UW-Superior and Brown College for Media Creation, Design and Television Production. From 1992 to 2000, he had written and produced several films, music videos, and video advertisements. He has now been able to combine those skills of fitness and media creation to produce high-quality fitness productions and articles. (Click for Bio/Contact)

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