The feeling that you get after a great workout is hard to beat. All “Pumped” up, your muscles and skin tighten and even though you pushed yourself you feel good.

Why does muscle “Pump” occur?

After an effective workout, your group of muscles is being replenished to have more oxygen and nutrients. This increases blood flow to these areas of the body. When this occurs that “Pumped” feeling you had is really helping you to accelerate growth and recovery of your muscles.

In addition to this, you will find that the connective tissue fibers, called Fascia, will also expand. The facia is basically the connective tissue fibers that bind your muscle tissues together and to the neighboring muscle group.  When this expands this allows the room for your muscles to grow.

3 tips to make my muscles “pump” more!

More Water

Our body is made up of 70% Water and that should tell us something. Water is important for life, but also for our muscles. Drinking a bottle of water about a half hour before your workout will help you maintain hydration and will aid you in increasing mass.


To have an effective workout your muscles need glycogen which comes from carbohydrates in the body. Glycogen helps you to function, perform a more efficient workout and is one of the top reasons that your muscles will look big after a workout.

Rest Periods

The amount of time for a rest period does matter. If you want a larger “Pump” feeling and the growth that can happen with it. Plan for shorter rest periods vs longer ones. When you do this short rest period, your blood flow to your tissue will increase. Keeping the weights at a level that you can go back to them quickly rather than maximizing the weight for each lift. At the end of the session, you may choose to max your lift.

So the next time you get that all “Pumped Up” feeling, think about all the woderful things happening inside you to make that occur. In addition, you will find that it is one simple way of seeing how effective your muscle gains were for that day.

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