Strengthening Our Community

WhenEver Fitness is an independent locally-owned company, which means we reinvest into our community in most everything that we do. From the people we hire to the stores that we buy from. Unlike corporate chains or national franchises we can focus on the real needs of our local community. As part of our local community, we feel that we have a responsibility to strengthen our community in different ways including philanthropy and education.

Our Focus

As it is impossible to support every community need. We decided to focus our attention to areas that we can provide the most amount of assistance. Like health improvement by reducing obesity especially among children. Obesity rates among youth continue to grow as the technology gets more personal and safety concerns keep children indoors for extended periods of time. Often obesity can cause premature health issues and this can effect lives of ones that we love in our community.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to work with select partners in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to create pathways to opportunity for every child and family in Cottage Grove for better health and a great hope for the future. In addition to age-appropriate programs to benefit youth of our fitness members. Most of our focus is on health related issues and education of children. We also believe that strong, well organized and inclusive communities can more effectively help families and children reach their full potential. Strong communities need the capacity to create opportunity and to solve their own problems. We work to strengthen local organizations and businesses to educate employees and business leaders to institute strategies and workout.

Our Initiative

From our beginning, we have supported our local community with donations to local youth programs and health. We have sponsored youth fitness camps, races and other events for youth in our area.

Our staff is our most important resource and we hire from our local area whenever possible for temporary and long term employment. The benefit of this is that our staff is focused on benefiting our community as well. We also purchase many products from our local retailers whenever possible. This also strengthens our community and keeps local businesses stable.

Not only do we help others in benefiting the community but we work hard to do this as well. For example, we identified the need to have an area for children in the gym that the children exercise in a way appropriate for children of a younger nature, by adding a bouncy house and some select exercise equipment we were able to accomplish this.

Current & Past Support:
Cottage Grove Inclusive Playground at Woodridge Park
Local School Events
Cancer Benefit Events
Child Fire Preparation Events
Local Kid Race Events
Community Education

Will you sponsor my event?

Of course, we do get more requests than receipts and thus we are selective to the support that we may give at times.
Our policies for support and sponsorship must meet the following requirements: It must directly benefit our local community as a whole and not a selected individual or group.  It must not be sponsored or connected to a direct competitor, sacerdotal, chauvinism or sectarian groups. To be considered you may drop off, mail or e-mail a packet. Your information packet must include the following to be considered: Contacts, Event Information including any details as to the entertainment if it is provided, the current sponsors and backers of the event, location(s) and time(s).