Are you “Craving” getting rid of Cravings?

When we hear that word, “craving,” many of us view it as being synonymous with “temptation.” Cravings nag at us until we surrender and give in. Once we do, they come back. Over and over ……and over again!

So it is safe to say that cravings make us victims of whatever they want. Oh…and these cravings need to be fulfilled… five minutes ago, right? Needless to say, we would all like to solve the trick of overcoming cravings! Can it be done?

Cravings, what are you?

So why do we get cravings? Some answer that question by saying that cravings are, “all in your head.” You might be surprised to hear, its true! Several specific areas of our brains that are responsible for memory and sensing pleasure are, in fact, partially to blame.

Our cells are also involved in something identified as insulin resistance. This occurs when cells do not use the energy derived from the food we eat. When this energy is not used, it gets stored instead. End result – weight gain.

Cravings, not stronger than you are!

So what can we do to beat cravings and ultimately maintain a healthy weight? Regulate blood sugar. Doing so will help to reduce occurrences of the brain “craving” bad food and it can actually help to reverse insulin resistance! Yes, it can be done! How? Through diet.

Smiling beautiful young woman holding, craving and biting cupcake

Diet? Tell me something I don’t know.

Here is what needs to be done:

  • Eliminate or extremely limit processed carbohydrates. Replacing them with fiber-rich food. Fiber stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Remember that fat is your friend (the kind you eat of course!). Eat a generous amount of food derived fat every time you eat. Fat stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Do not forget protein in each meal (which includes snacks)! Protein stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Eat regularly! Don’t wait longer than four hours to eat (except for sleeping hours). This maintains stable blood sugar.
  • Give the changes a fair chance. Experience the benefits of regulated blood sugar!

Seems too good to be true.

So if we are genuinely trying too hard to control our blood sugar will we be free of cravings for good? It would be unrealistic to expect that we will never experience a craving again. However, regulating blood sugar is something we can all do, individually. It will help us to feel better, think more clearly, keep the added weight away we can start right now!

Enjoy it!

Remember, cravings have a bad reputation because they have to power to take control of us. But, by healthfully regulating blood sugar we can keep sweets, treats and special goodies as a source of enjoyment in our lives. Rather than viewing them as negative temptations to avoid completely, let’s enjoy them as they should be enjoyed. Occasionally. In balance. As what they truly are: treats!


Written by: Crystal Blumenschein; Staff Writer

CRYSTAL BLUMENSCHEIN is an Expert Level Certified Personal Trainer. She has been helping people maintain a healthy body for many years. With a background in the health and wellness field, she works hard to assist her clients in maintaining a better lifestyle by means of fitness training for better overall health. She not only trains a person in these aspects of life, but she also lives it.

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