We often get asked when is the best time to workout?

The answer can vary depending on your situation. I always recommend to find a time that you will stick with first, some love the early-morning others it is the late nite because of the schedule or how you feel at that time of day. That is why we are open WhenEver you want.

Here are the benefits of each time:

Morning: It is better for losing weight. Often our stomach is emptier and it will start to burn some of the fat reserves. However, working out on an empty stomach is something we don’t recommend. We have also found that ones that are the early bird often sick with the workout schedule because other things aren’t getting in the way.

Afternoon to Evening: This time of day is great for engaging in more explosive exercises. Research has shown that the body’ Exercises temperature tends to rise by a few degrees in the afternoon into the early evening, warming the muscles and connective tissues and resulting in a slight improvement in your performance capabilities. Working out in the afternoon also requires a little less time stretching on the mat because your heart and muscles are more prepared for the stress of exercise than when you’re fresh out of bed. In the morning there isn’t enough glycogen in our muscles, or stored fuel, to support an effective workout.

No matter what time you end up choosing to work out you’re probably better off spreading it out in frequent intervals throughout the week, rather than saving it all up for one crazy day. Even if you run the same number of miles in one day as you would have over three or four short sessions, you may burn the same amount of calories but you’ll lose out on other health benefits.

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